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ELMO and F-Actin F Li Mow Chee


ESRIC is a multidisciplinary approach to biological research through state-of-the-art microscopy techniques. ESRIC supports expertise across a broad scientific spectrum from cell biologists to physical scientists with the aim to extend the boundaries of cellular imaging beyond diffraction limits in order to investigate cellular function and human disease.

This meeting is organised to bring together cutting edge imaging applications


1.00-1.05Wendy BickmoreMRC IGMM, University of EdinburghWelcome and Introduction
1.05-1.35Dylan OwenKings College LondonExtracting quantitative information from single-molecule super-resolution microscopy data
1.35-1.50Fred Li Mow CheeMRC IGMM, University of EdinburghThe role of perinuclear actin-regulating protein Mena in regulating lamina associated domains (LADs)
1.50-2.05Dasa LongmanMRC IGMM, University of EdinburghRNA Quality Control at the Endoplasmic Reticulum
2.05-2.20Matt SmithMRC IGMM, University of EdinburghER-phagy networks in the pancreas – using imaging to dissect mechanisms
2.20-3.00Tea & Coffee With Posters  
3.05-3.20Charlene BoumendilMRC IGMM, University of EdinburghSenescence and the forces that influence heterochromatin organization
3.30-4.30Ibrahim CisséMIT, USASuper-resolution imaging of transcription in live mammalian cells