ESRIC Interdisciplinary Consortium Meeting 2018

IGMM, University of Edinburgh

Tuesday 23rd January, 1pm – 5.30pm

ELMO and F-Actin F Li Mow Chee


ESRIC is a multidisciplinary approach to biological research through state-of-the-art microscopy techniques. ESRIC supports expertise across a broad scientific spectrum from cell biologists to physical scientists with the aim to extend the boundaries of cellular imaging beyond diffraction limits in order to investigate cellular function and human disease.

This meeting is organised to bring together cutting edge imaging applications

Provisional Programme:

1.00-1.10Wendy BickmoreMRC IGMM, University of Edinburgh
1.10-1.30Isuru JayashingeSchool of Biomedical Science, University of Leeds
1.30-1.45Kumiko SamejimaWTCB, University of Edinburgh
1.45-2.00Fabio NudelmanSCRM, University of Edinburgh
2.00-2.15Noor GammohMRC IGMM, University of Edinburgh
2.15-2.30Colin RickmanIB3, Heriot Watt University
2.30-3.00Tea & Coffee 
3.00-3.15Dimitrios PapadopoulosMRC IGMM, University of Edinburgh
3.15-3.30Joe RaingerRoslin Institute, University of Edinburgh
3.30-3.45Tooba QuidwaiMRC IGMM, University of Edinburgh
3.45-4.00Lynn PattersonIB3, Heriot Watt University
4.00-4.30Christophe ZimmerInstitut Pasteur, France
4.30-5.00Q and A Round table with all speakersRory Duncan, Heriot Watt University to chair